Lexa Fishing
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Original boat
It is a Jeanneau New Matic legacy, from the technical point of view it's a double bilayer shell molded polyethylene roto.

Length: 3.5m
Width: 1.4m
Weight without engine: 120 kg
Max Power: 30 hp
Recommended Power: 10 hp
Hollow 0.57
Type motor short shaft
Number of persons: 3 sea  and 6 river
CE category C / D Personally

I retrieved via a colleague, he slept in a barn under the straw and pigeon droppings.

Repairs expected
This old sailing school boat had been reformed following the fall of a weight on a bench. The polyethylene is a fairly strong material but when it breaks no easy fix. The principle is to recover the material and weld using a small torch
Weather (Razès, France)
The decks
It was directed OSB, it aims to improve the fishing position and add storage lockers to store equipment.
And to finish the painting, the break props (cane doors, seats, rail, motor carrier), and of course the motors.